Yes, my Mother reads my blog.

Typically when I write a blog post, I just write. I can’t honestly say that I write with a particular reader/audience in mind because it’s all about me. I blog about things that I find funny or frustrating, entertaining or annoying, and that I hope someone else might enjoy, too.  Sure, I may approach touchy subjects, but I try to keep an open mind and encourage conversation via feedback.

Occasionally, I have to take a more-delicate-than-usual handling – i.e., my recent bullying post. I was really upset, but I had to be sensible:

  • the blog updates to Facebook;
  • I have friends here on Facebook at least until they read my blog posts; and
  • It’s a small town.

Word travels fast. I don’t want to ignite a war, or be too inflammatory, even if I am completely furious in the right. (Like an angry letter, there are the “Write – read – delete” kind of posts — and then the ones you actually publish.)

Sometimes, however, I DO have to keep someone in mind.

Namely, my mother.

She typically likes (or at least she tells me she does) my blog posts, although occasionally I hear a “there were too many words, and where are the photos?” or, “I don’t like your blog right now” (meaning, she doesn’t like a particular post). She has learned to “Like” something on Facebook, so at least I know she has read the posts, even if she doesn’t comment on the blog.

My dad and I share a similar sense of humor, so I can take things a little farther as long as I don’t swear too much. (I’m sure he thinks I overuse “shitballs”, but damn, I love that word.)

My mom is typically a little more guarded in what she views as humorous. (She never appreciated the late at night laugh sessions Dad and I used to have in the summertime, watching “Monty Python”, “Benny Hill” and “Dave Allen at Large”. She would stomp down the hallway, glare at us from the doorway and hiss “Its late – would you PLEASE keep it down”. It was totally worth it – we had fun, Dad and I.)


I think I need to be cautious and sensitive, and then I get an email like THIS from my mom:


Have you ever wondered if the one dollar bills in your wallet were ever in a stripper’s butt crack?

If not, you’re wondering now.

Just a reminder: always wash your hands after handling money . . .

Have a nice day!


Holy shitballs! You’re speechless, right?  You get “ass” – and then a typical mom-like admonition to wash your hands.

Actually, that might not be too surprising for my mom, after all!

And on that note, Mom, here is a gratuitous grandma photo:

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  1. I hate when I start writing and then I think about a certain person who might end up reading, so I delete. It keeps me from being real. Fortunately, my mom is not usually that person. She’s too busy to read my blog and I’m ok with that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • My initial bullying post was a little too specific in describing the cretin of a child…oops, did I say that?
      Yeah, it pained me to not publish the original post, but blasting a 6yo and calling out his mom for not dealing with her perfect boy could make life painful for me. You wouldn’t believe how many people stopped me in the school yard the next day with the final version (and they all knew who I was referring to, anyway). I did eventually get the final version to a place where it was still real – I just had to reel in the anger a titch.

  2. LMAO, now that is too funny and too familiar! I get the dirtiest emails from my mom followed by beautiful prayers! Go figure. I really enjoyed your post.

  3. You’re so lucky you can let your mom read your blog! I want your mom, and the emails she sends!! And the gratuitous grandma photo! Priceless.

    • She does send some doozies (and my dad sends the un-reprintables!)

      I don’t think there is any “Let” about it though!
      Thanks for stoping by!

  4. I kind of wish my mom read my blog more. But she is completely clueless about technology. Oh well.

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s

    • Ha! You just have to cheat, and bookmark your site on her laptop….or even better, put an icon (with the hyperlink) on her desktop. Then she just clicks and it opens to your homepage!

      (I’ve sent long messages about how to copy and paste via email to my momma. And my dad still yells at us because we “screwed up his computer with all these icons”.)

      You have to love them!

  5. love your post makes me wish my mum is still around…

    was here from mama kat’s write’s workshop

  6. Tell your mom “Thanks”, Jenn (said dripping with sarcasm) because I may never touch a dollar bill again!

  7. I have to keep my mom in mind too now that she is on Facebook and my blog feed appears there. I tend to crack on her lack of cooking skills. EVERYONE cracks on her lack of cooking skills, which she totally admits too. But still, telling the whole internet is probably not cool. And I have cut way back on the use of fuck because mom doesn’t like that

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