Found, then Lost.

Yesterday I was blog hopping – you know, where you are reading a blog, and then you click on the link of a commenter, or an interesting sounding name in their blogroll…and then 45 minutes later (yes, I should get a job or something)…you’re googling something interesting mentioned in the post you are currently reading…and think “what a cool blog”…or a cool idea…or “what camera did she shoot that video on?”…

and then you accidentally close out the page…

And can’t figure out how you got there?

This happens to me. A lot. You’d think I would learn.

Today I was watching a video that a lovely blogger made to demonstrate a shake minimizer for her camera. It was a Merlin…something. Or an Arthur or Camelot….I don’t remember (pulling at hair).

When I video, I shake like an addict on his third day of withdrawal, and I thought her video was gorgeous.  Really, seriously gorgeous..and…wait, did she say camera??? As in, photo camera and not video camera? I must find her blog again.

Dude, we need to talk.

Only, I lost her blog.


Well, it’s a big bloggy world out there. If any y’all know the pretty dark-haired blogger who posted a sharp b&w video set to…a song that is used in a commercial…it starts out as instrumental….and she’s dancing with her son, and moving around her house…let me know the blog URL.

That’s specific enough, isn’t it?

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