Co-dependency, or, someone take the laptop away from me.

So, my Dad sent me yet ANOTHER joke email.

The issue that arises with his emails is that, if you just go by the “subject line”, you quite often don’t know if the content is serious, or just silly. Yesterday’s subject line was “Living Will” – a relevant subject, I suppose, as my grandfather recently passed away, and conversations we had during my subsequent trip home revolved around their aging, wills, and such.

The message content, however, was a classic Maxine, which read:

Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle . If that ever happens, just pull the plug . ‘

They got up, unplugged the Computer, and threw out my wine .

They are SO on my shit list  . . .

What’s really sad here? While the kids are at school/in bed and whenever I’m not cleaning the house, walking the puppy, trying to train the puppy, scooping said puppy’s poop, washing/folding laundry, substitute diet Coke for the wine – or not – this might be a good reflection on my life.

I have a codependant relationship with my computer.

“Hello, my name is Jenn, and I’m an interwebz-holic.”

(“Hi, Jenn”.)

If I wanted to attempt to defend myself, I could say that my blog had just been fabulously redesigned and moved from Blogger to WordPress, and I was in the process of doing the designer justice, and cleaning up my posts, cosmetically. Admittedly, I’d been on the computer even more than normal.

But honestly?  I’m on the computer. A. Lot.

Facebook. Twitter. Blogging. Reading other blogs. Etsy.

I know it aggravates the Hubs to no end. (Not that he doesn’t finish with his end of putting the kids to bed, and then sit down with his work computer until HE goes to sleep…that’s another story. He does have the paying job.) Sorry, honey.

I know this wears at him from a snarky comment made, indirectly, over the weekend.  The torrential “gather the animals and get the ark” rains had finally cleared, and he wanted to take a walk into town to see the Pony market that was taking place. (???? – I suppose he was really desperate to get out of the house…)

Boo didn’t want to go – he wanted to play the games on the Tractor Ted website he’d discovered on the back of his Tractor Ted book. The Hubs sighed wearily, then responded with a tired “then ask your mommy, she’s better with the computer than I am.”

(hangs head in shame)

He didn’t mean it from a skillz perspective. He meant it from a “her laptop is growing out of her lap” perspective. I’m pretty sure of that.

In my defense, the computer has provided a huge lifeline for me since we have moved overseas. Blogging keeps me sane, Facebook keeps me in touch, Twitter keeps me from being snarky with people who know me but, you know, don’t really “know” me.

AND – this is important, it hasn’t kept me from meeting people in the area, and has helped me meet others.

I will confess – I hated feeling “disconnected” while on our beach trip this past July, with my laptop noticeably absent. (Having over 700 photos to upload and sort through when I got back, all at once, was NOT a joy.) And I do get a bit obsessive about checking emails, Tweets, and Facebook updates.

But I’m trying to be better. I’m backing away from the laptop.

Now, where is my iPhone???


  1. This is so me!! I’m cringing at practically every line as I’m reading this post because you’ve just described me so well. And my hubby. He makes snide comments all.the.time about how much I’m on my computer. He works in IT so when he gets home the last thing he wants to see is a computer – I work for a slavedriver who sees everything I do so there’s a lot to catch up on at the end of the day!

    Thank God for my iPhone.

  2. This is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dropping by from SITS-
    ok, just to be clear- you are not saying there is anything wrong with obsessively checking your emailtwitterfacebookblog all the time right???!! it’s normal!

    • I’m not saying its WRONG and not just because I….wait, I just got a text…do it myself.
      Its called staying connected.

      Thanks for coming by!!!!

  4. Ok, you’re cracking me up. I’m thinking we need to start a support group called social media anonymous…and we’ll hold it online, lol.

    I’m soooo totally you, right up to the iPhone. In fact, the whole reason I got the phone was to get off the laptop more… Now, my eyes hurt from doing just as much but on a 4 inch screen.

    Stopping by from SITS, OinkTribe 🙂

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