Q.O.T.N. – Alphabet Soup

Boo’s “question of the night”:

“Mom, why did they make a “C” and a “K”? I mean, do we really need two letters that sound like “keh”????”

Aaaandd…there’s that expectant look that I dread, the one that says “Mom, you have the answer to everything”.


The boy really knows how to dumb down his mama.

Why, indeed?


  1. Gmom Phyl says:

    Well, Sam, why do YOU think they made a C and a K???

  2. Gmom Phyl says:

    Whatever he says, tell him “That’s a great idea!”

  3. Jim McCarrens says:

    “Thats a great idea “Gmom Phyl

  4. Gmom Phyl says:

    What about when c is s??? Like cereal. Or when c is s and k, like in circus??

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