Q.O.T.N. – Alphabet Soup

Boo’s “question of the night”:

“Mom, why did they make a “C” and a “K”? I mean, do we really need two letters that sound like “keh”????”

Aaaandd…there’s that expectant look that I dread, the one that says “Mom, you have the answer to everything”.


The boy really knows how to dumb down his mama.

Why, indeed?


  1. Well, Sam, why do YOU think they made a C and a K???

  2. Whatever he says, tell him “That’s a great idea!”

  3. Jim McCarrens says

    “Thats a great idea “Gmom Phyl

  4. What about when c is s??? Like cereal. Or when c is s and k, like in circus??

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