Make Me Laugh Monday – "Yeah, what she said"

I’ve just learned that mah girl Jenny has announced that today is the last official “Make Me Laugh Monday” and I’m all beklempt. But…she’s a busy girl and so I won’t ride her too much for breaking my heart into a million little pieces and stepping on my fun with her red glitter sneakers. Nope, not gonna do that…

But I will make one final contribution to MMLM, as a contribution to her, the most awesome Jenny that I know. (Not that all Jen, Jenns and Jenny’s aren’t awesome, but she is like the Queen of Awesome).

So, in honor of Jenny, I offer you this:


Now, I’m sure my husband would say that women are born talkers (and then point to my mother, or his, as his reference point). Regis and Kathy Lee have nothin’ on my daughter in the mindless chatter department – and heaven help us, she is only three.

Now, I will admit that both of my children – boy and girl – talked early and often.

But this girlie? Man, do I feel for her parents.

Whahuh? Did you catch any of that? I was as dumbfounded – and laughing as hard, if not harder, than the daddy-guy in the vid. She is adorable – but lordy, she can talk.

So if your Monday has been long, with people talking at you and not to you (like my two did today) or saying things that you don’t need to hear (but that’s another post entirely), just remember – at some point, they STOPPED.

You can find JennyontheSpot’s last MMLM blog post here. Happy Monday to the rest of you, me – I’m just going to go mourn and have another drink or spoonful of frosting to cheer myself up…(sniff, sniff)

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