When I Grow Old, I Shall Wear Silver Trousers

Earlier this summer, the Hubs and I went to see Orquesta Buena Vista  (insert samba dance here) at the Hay Festival. I’ve loved the Buena Vista Social Club since their album was first released and this concert did not disappoint.

However, for as fabulous as the music and all the musicians were – they obviously were having a great time – it was THIS man who was burned into my memory. He was clearly enjoying himself, jamming on his guitar, despite the fact that when he wasn’t playing, he was moving pretty slowly. I can only hope that when I am his age, I am still doing all the things that I dearly love to do.

Yes, he is the one who sticks in my memory. I want to be THIS guy when I’m 70 or 80.
And not just because he was wearing silver trousers. And a silver jacket. A glittery, sparkly silver jacket.

Ok, maybe that, too.

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