Stormin’ the castle….

Today we took in yet another Welsh castle ruins. This one also had a recently restored manor house on the grounds. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a light breeze, and we were intent on enjoying every minute of it. I think my husband is intent on exploring EVERY castle within driving distance.

It amazes me that we can be looking at hundreds of years of history…and my daughter is fascinated with the medieval toilet rooms.

“Another toilet, Mommy”, she shouts, coming out of a dark, closet like space with a tiny window.

Interestingly enough, they didn’t ask WHERE the toilet was – as there was only a stone bench in the dark recess.

Of course, every room was where the Queen and the Princess lived. We no longer go into explanations of who lived there. Let the Brits just look at us like stupid Americans – I’m not about to bust Pea’s bubble – she has too much fun imagining the Princesses.

The kids needed a bit more imagination with the castle ruins, but were fascinated anyway – except for the very, very dark, narrow, twisty staircase to what remained of the second floor of the castle. Boo was a wreck and couldn’t wait to get out of there. I could totally relate – I do NOT do well with heights, even less so with perches, ledges – and narrow stairs.  It is not the fear of heights – its totally a fear of falling.

Even as Boo and I made our way down the stairs, reassuring each other that we indeed were fine, despite freaking out, I was envisioning whether or not the Hubs could support my weight as I hopped across the keep, and estimating how far it was to hospital in Abergevenny.

Yeah, I’m one of THOSE worriers.

So as soon as we were in the open air, I busied myself with taking pictures, trying not to think about little Pea navigating those steep stairs in the dark with the Hubs.

I’m getting anxious just thinking about it, and they made it out just fine, so lets look at some pictures while I stop hyperventilating…

This was Castle Tretower. What was really impressive was Tretower Court….the rooms were impressively sized compared to room sizes today…and all I can think about is how drafty OUR house can be, and we have modern heating. Oh, the luxuries….

Like a sunny kitchen to cook in….

If you like cow’s head, that is. (Impressive, the fuzzy ears….) Mmmm.

Now THIS is my idea of a pantry….

Um, Boo??? Boo???? Either he has grown, or the fireplace wasn’t as tall as we thought. Goofball.

Its not all spiders in the corners…

All in all, a fun day. I think I need to pull out “The Princess Bride” for Pea to watch, so she’ll get all the lines that keep running through my head as we stomp about these old ruins…

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