Pajama time

I love vacation. I like NOT having to get up and rush anywhere. I like lounging in my pajamas. I told the kids they can stay in their pajamas until noon. They can jump on the trampoline in their pajamas if they want to, even!

Oh, sure, we’ll go on walks, have picnics down at the Warren, maybe go to the zoo and things like that, but most of all, for my kids who will soon be on their last week of school – its all about not having to do anything.

For me, I just like an excuse to lounge in my jammies.
Which, really, I need to replace. Which is why there is no picture of me in my jammies.

Now Pea, she LOVES jammies. Nightgowns, and comfy soft jammies. Especially if they are pink.

So imagine her delight when the kind folks of St. Eve sent her a pair of jammies to “test” out for them.

Aren’t they cute?

Soft little pink giraffe jammies. Oh, even more adorable? They also came with a second pair of bottoms, which look like little bloomers with a ruffly bum!!!

(I’d post a picture, but by then she was hamming it up a bit much, and her bloomer pics look more like she is just about to moon you, soooo……)

Yes, Pea LOVES her “kajaffe” pajamas. They are soft, comfy, loose and flowy.

Aren’t they cute?

Do you want a pair for your little girl? Yes?

Well, I have another pair to give away!

If you have a little girl and she can wear a size 3-4, drop a comment with your email address. I’m gonna draw a name a random for a bed-time gift package – these adorable jammies and our favorite stories.

But for now, I’m going to go put on MY jammies and a nice cup of tea.

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