Mood Swing

For as much as we hear jokes about hormones and such, its not a joke in THIS household.

Don’t even make a comment about mood swings. I am well aware of them, and I know it is not a pretty sight. I fully admit that I can be a bitch on a stick at certain times, and reminding me will not help the situation. PMS is a cruel trick played my Mother Nature, and she is a bitch.

I think I need to have this printed on a tshirt:

I also want THIS tshirt from Darling Mummy, and since it is on sale (and retiring) I probably shouldn’t wait too long. Darling Mummy makes comfy tees with hilarious (yet true) expressions on them – I currently have a “Mommy Juice” tee (depicting a glass of red wine) and I think I need a “Mamacita needs a margarita” tee for the summer. I mean, truer words were never put on a t-shirt!
Another favorite tee from Darling Mummy is the “don’t mess with mommy” shirt, complete with a pink rhinestone embellishing the front tooth of a Jolly Roger-esque skull and crossbones. If only my kids could read….
So, if you see me coming wearing one of these, smile, compliment me on how FABULOUS I look in my tee, and throw me some chocolate – and don’t say you weren’t warned.


  1. I often felt pity for my husband when my two daughters still lived at home. He was living in a house with 3 women who might go off the deep end at any moment. That meant he only had one week a month that things around here were semi-normal. I figure he was lucky to be living surrounded by so much beauty.


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