Fun Fair

The Fun Fair was in town this weekend. (FWIW, a “Fun Fair” is basically a carnival.) But cleaner. And more geared to children, which was fantastic.

Some random thoughts, which my friends back home might find of interest….

  1. Instead of buying tickets for rides, you pay cash. At each ride.
  2. For some rides, you bought a token at a booth next to the ride; in some cases you paid for the ride from the car.
  3. Sometimes, the car is already moving when you get your change. Not good for the uncoordinated. Like me.
  4. This seemed pretty darn inconvenient, until we realized how many times we’ve left a carnival with a few spare tickets in our pockets.  Back home, they make you do the math in your head when they hit you for 6 tickets a ride, or whatever. Here, they are just up front on how expensive a ride is.
  5. Pea was able to ride on ALL the rides but one. To her delight, I will add – as she would’ve been far too small at home to ride on some of them.
  6. OSHA would have a field day. On one of our favorite rides, the operator walked along side the cars, on the moving platform, and gave some of the cars an extra spin. Fun? Yes.  Crazy? Absolutely.
  7. Unlike the carnie’s back home, the people running the rides and games seemed to have all their teeth.
  8. The prizes from the “hook a duck” were equally cheap as the toys back home, only you don’t have to spend an hour trying to win them. Perfect for uncoordinated peoples like me.
I love the incongruity of the bumper cars in front of the sheep field.

I will admit, the bumper cars are NOT my favorite ride, but Pea was excited, so we do what we need to for our children.

This, ride, on the other hand:

Best. Ride. Ever.
Ok, so maybe it doesn’t look like it now, but when it is moving, it is spinning. I didn’t dare pull out my camera. I was holding on too tightly. And screaming. With Pea.
(The cars spin in circles; this is the ride whereuponwhich the operator walked on the moving platform and gave the cars a push if they stalled out – more for the cars containing kids only, not ours with two heavy hearty adults flanking the kids in the middle)
The first go on this ride was awesome. However, the second go was too much for the Hubs. It took him a minute before he could even get out of the car. He was pretty much a sissy done for the day after this ride.
He’s looking a little better here
but you will notice that he is still sitting down.
Overall, it was a great afternoon. There were very few people there when we were there – I’m assuming it became more crowded in the evening, and this was the third day it had been running. While we occasionally had to find someone to operate one of the children’s rides, there was no actual waiting in line!
Boo tried out the giant slide….
And then they both had a go at “hook a duck”.
Pea, of course, picked out a sparkly purple unicorn. With an irridescent pink horn. She was very, very proud of herself.  (I’m a bit jealous, too, as we were NEVER allowed to keep the stuffed toys WE won at the carnival – my parents feared they were “teeming” with bugs. )
Her name is “Sparkles”, of course. The unicorn, that is.
It all ended much too soon, but Momma and Daddy’s pockets were considerably emptier than when we arrived – and he wasn’t going on ANY more rides. The kids are already talking about NEXT year’s Fun Fair.

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