"Have Fun Stormin’ the Castle"

Around here, we’re wasting daylight if we aren’t off exploring some place new.
(A great idea in theory, unless the weather is cold and crappy, and I just want to curl up with a book. Try to tell the Hubs that though. I know. I’m one big party pooper. Bite me….)


A few weekends ago, it looked reasonably sunny here in Hay, so we packed up the troops and headed to Cardiff. Where, of course, we forgot to check the forecast. And its raining.


We went to Castle Coch. What kid (big or little) doesn’t like a castle? Especially when the staff is particularly accomodating to a little girl and tells her where to look for the princess’s bedroom….or, when she asks where the princess is, ’cause she can’t find her, they tell her that she was at a ball late last night, so she is sleeping – and then she’s going to go shopping for shoes…

It was spectacular, really, despite the fact that it was built in 1870’s on the remains of a 13th century castle.

The walls in the sitting room are decorated with illustrations depicting Aesop’s Fables. It was difficult to capture the grandeur of this room!

The “Three Fates”, weaving the thread of life…..(and, no, I didn’t know that’s what they were, or they were doing, until I read it in the info center.)

 Pea found a door just her size….

Pea especially enjoyed “the Princess’s bedroom”. It was big, round and quite ornate. There was no falling out of this bed!

Can you imagine waking up to THIS ceiling every morning?
Especially when those little panels are covered in monkeys!!!
However, despite her searching, Pea just couldn’t find the Princess who lived there. Fortunately, the fellow in the gift shop kindly told that the Princess wasn’t in that day – she had been at a ball the night before, so she was sleeping in (good thing Pea didn’t call him out on the fact that she clearly was NOT in bed) and then she had to go shopping for shoes.
That, of course, appealed to Pea very much.
A good day, and a great adventure!

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