Sombrero Fun

We stopped at a Southwestern themed restaurant while in Tenerife. Pea was in rare form, and Boo was…welllllll….grouchy.

Like nearly everyone else we met in Tenerife, the restaurant guy treated the kids really well, and did his best to get a smile out of Boo.

So he brought us Sombreros. Like her mama, Pea loves a confidence prop.
See that confidence?

I mean – velvet, sequins, embroidery – what is there not to love? Well, maybe it could use a little glitter.

Boo wasn’t having anything to do with this.

Even the Hubs got in the act. Clearly, this hat was not meant for his melon head.

Do NOT buy a taco from this man.
Of course, it DID cause Boo to give me a smile….

But the reality was that he was just worn out!

(And yes, he did sleep like that for the entire meal. Some dinner company HE is. Sheesh.)

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