What MY kids do on a warm, sunny day.

Wahoo! The sun is shining! Its actually warm outside! “Hey kiddos, let’s go outside to play!” I say. “Ok, Mommy – let’s go!” they respond cheerfully.

In our garage, we have a plethora of toys: bikes, trikes, stomp rockets, sidewalk chalk, basketballs, soccer balls, Cozy Coupes – you name it.

What does my son play with?

The yard work toys.

He pulls out the broom, the rake and the hoe. He says he’ll mow later.

He proceeds to get in a fight with Pea about the leaf blower. He wins possession, and walks the driveway, blowing imaginary leaves. (I’m assuming his imaginary brother, Kevin, will be bagging said leaves.)

He hoes the dirt in the beds into piles, then hoes them back. (I’m thinking about this time I should run out and buy some mulch, and put the kid to work.)

His paternal grandfather, Fred, a landscaper, would be so proud! I’m thinking of sending him out to work summers with Uncle Tickle Tom, who is also a landscaper. I think some genes were passed down here. I was just thinking the other day that we needed a landscaper to help us improve our outdoor area, though I’ll probably go for a professional if I go through with that. My friend recently had some landscaping done to her garden and it looks amazing now. A nice garden can really make the difference between a house and a home! She told me to visit http://coastalyardworks.ca/ to get a landscaping quote for our garden but I haven’t got round to contacting them yet.

Not to be left out, Maddie dons the protective eyewear, even though she lost the battle for the leaf blower.
No mind, she prefers to hand prune the bushes, anyway.

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