Happy Birthday, Maddie!

I can’t believe that my baby turned three yesterday. Where has the time gone?

She isn’t a baby any more – at least, that is what she tells me. She is a BIG girl.
(But not one of those big girls that use the potty. Those are Big Girls. There is, apparently, a difference.)
This year, Maddie had her first real party, with just her friends. We had a Princess Party, playdate style, while everyone’s siblings were in school. In lieu of goody bags, me, being the good mama that I am, I made tutus for everyone.
Here they are, all lined up and ready for the girls:

To go with the princess theme, I also baked a doll cake. The cake was moist and delicious (thanks for the tips, Susie) but the frosting debacle, well, I’ll take responsibility for that.

Maddie was thrilled, and it tasted great – so that’s all that matters, I guess!

So 7 of her friends and their moms & nannies gathered in our basement playroom for a few hours of playtime and dressup. And dress up they did!

(Did I mention I made these tutus?)

Maddie is blessed to have such sweet playmates, and she really does love all her friends.

So happy birthday, my sweet little Princess Pea! You are one of my greatest blessings, and I love you.


  1. jennyonthespot says

    Honey… with the exception that I bought a princess cake (your was way cuter, BTW) and you made one… were are so livin’ freakishly parallel lives 🙂 Just had Lucy’s birthday aprty today (prolly will post about it who knows when!). it was all princess! Our sweet little girls 🙂

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