Farm weekend for Sam

The weekend of cousin Julia’s birthday was especially exciting for Sam for another reason as well – we would be on the farm. And next to rock-and-roll, Sam’s favorite thing is John Deere tractors!
So being on the farm, the best thing you could ask him is “want to go for a ride on a tractor?”
He was in heaven, and loved every minute of it.
How much does he love tractors?
Well, this weekend’s celebration involved a pool party. The cake part he could enjoy, but the swimming part would be a bust since he had a temporary cast that he couldn’t get wet.
So while Daddy got the rare opportunity to have Maddie to himself, without her big brother, Sam and I took a short ride down the road to the local Rural King. (Its kind of like Farm ‘n Fleet to us Northerners….)
Sam had a blast! We wandered the aisles, looking at big lawnmowers “Like Papa’s”, go-carts, smaller tractors, tires. We saw bins of live baby chicks, ducks and hens chirping away. He discovered a huge bin of pigs ears (“ewww, gross – dogs CHEW on those”) and a display of John Deere work boots (colored green and brown – his cousins all have them, and he wanted a pair too.)
In the course of our wanderings, we came across a metal rake and hoe just his size (“’cause you drove over my old hoe, Mommy”), a Barbie doll on sale for Maddie (“Mommy, she’d like that – I could give it to her for her birthday”) and of course, a few Matchbox-sized toy tractors for Sam – a consolation prize for being so brave.
To be honest – I think he had just as much fun at Rural King, and when we left, didn’t feel so bad about missing the party.
He’s already looking forward to our next trip, knowing that Uncle Bob will likely be working in the field and he can get another tractor ride!
I wonder if he’ll have the same fascination with tractors when we start sending him down for a month at a time to actually WORK with Uncle Bob….

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