Happy Puppy Wee

I’m a “wee” late for Mama Kat’s writing challenge, but I’m adding my submission anyway.  My prompt of choice was to write about my pet’s least likeable character trait.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, that one.

Macy – still a puppy – experiences “excitement” wees. Don’t get me wrong – she was housebroken in record time, and rarely has an accident in the house. But if someone comes to the door? Or downstairs? She can’t control her excitement.

When the Hubs comes downstairs in the morning, she gets so excited, she wees on the floor.

When he comes down an hour later, now dressed in suit and tie, despite the fact that she saw him go UPSTAIRS, she gets so excited, she wees again.

(We keep a newspaper at the bottom of the stairs, and maneuver her onto it as needed.)

The mailman? She wees on the front step (where I’ve shoved her, so I don’t have to mop the hall floor – again.)

The Tesco guy delivering groceries? She wees on his feet (again, on the front steps).

The ironing lady? Really, I hope that she isn’t wearing sandals the next time she comes to pick up the Hubs’ shirts. She doesn’t seem to mind, but I know I would. I don’t care how much I love dogs, I get irritated when Macy greets others like that, let alone me.

My kids, when they come home from school? They go directly to the back garden, and I let her out. Then she can wee on their feet, and on the grass.

Basically, I’m going to leave a pair of wellies on the front stoop, and hang a sign which reads “put on boots before ringing bell – exciteable puppy with weak bladder inside”.

She’s getting better. She doesn’t wee for me or for Pea any more, and most of the time, not for Boo.

But seriously, pup? Next time, just wag your tail.


  1. Oh,puppies are so cute! My last dog had many the excitement wee while growing up, but she did grow out of it. Thanks for stopping by today. I do have to ask….an ironing lady? 🙂

    • Thank you SO much for sharing that – I’m so frustrated with people saying “Oh, my dog did that too…and she hasn’t grown out of it!”

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