Women Who Inspire Me

Today’s post is to talk about someone who inspires me – but people make their marks on you in different ways, and it is hard to choose just one person.

I think the biggest inspiration comes from my mom. Especially since I’m basically becoming her, daily.

We are both emotional, and wear our hearts on our sleeve. We’re quick to jump to protect and defend those who are important to us. We both tend to, well, yell. A lot. (I’m Italian. That’s my story.) We’re both oversensitive.

We both love to read, and if we have (haha) free time, can be found with our noses in a book.

One clear memory of my mom is that she vacuumed. Every day. I mean, when I think back to my childhood, I remember my mom vacuuming, reading, or telling me to get my nose OUT of a book, and go outside and play.

She has a heart as big as Texas, and puts up with the receiving end of Dad’s sense of humor, which I share, so I know how tough that can be.

Yesterday, I told my son “If you don’t stop that fake crying, I’ll give you something to really cry about” – a familiar comment, in spite of the fact that we were rarely spanked. We look alike.  We are two different people, but I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for her support and love.

The second woman who has always been an inspiration to me is my Aunt Jeanne. She has FIVE boys. She is unflappable where I am an anxious mess. She is calm where I am Type A+. Nothing seems to faze her, and I long to have just one fraction of that kind of “go with the flow” attitude. She has a fantastic relationship with her boys, and her family is tight. She’s pretty awesome.
‘Nuf said.

And lastly is my cyber friend Jenny of JennyontheSpot.com. No, we haven’t met face-to-face yet, but she is the cool Jenny that I always wanted to be. Despite being a glass half empty kind of gal, she hides it well. She is hilarious. She is brave. She is creative. She makes me laugh. And reading her blog, she inspires me to work harder at my own blog, do more creatively, push myself. I realize I’ll never vlog because I’m not particularly photogenic and you can’t use all those cool Beaute apps on video. Yet.

Seriously, Jenny, I’m totally not stalking you. But I do heart you, girlfriend.

I’m participating in the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge and – yay! – this is Day Four.

Wouldn’t I love to have Thelma and Lou
ise come live with me? I can dream, can’t I? Thanks goes to the challenge sponsors: Standards of ExcellenceWestar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.

I won’t be living in the land of teeny washers forever, you know.


  1. My mom is definitely a big inspiration to me as well. It's nice to be able to call her up if I ever need anything. She is alway there for me. Great post! Blessings on your day, amiga! 🙂

  2. It is so funny how we grow up then do and say the very things our mother said. Those things that we never vowed to do because we were going to be a cooler mom. I am turning into my mom on a daily basis

  3. I'm lots like my mom… wish we were closer…And about WE. You know you hold a special place in my heart. You are a bringer of joy… an encourager… shining light… you just know when. And one day we will meet – and LAUGH SO LOUD! It'll be like heaven! No – DOUBLE RAINBOWS!{huuuugs}

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