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Today is Day 3 of SITS “Back to Blogging Event”, and today’s assignment is to share a post whose title I’m really proud of. To be honest, my favorite title is still in the “Drafts Column” – which means I really, really need to get that bugger posted. It was a tough call. One of my favorite post titles was “Bunnycide“, but the one I chose?

Motherhood is a Blessing. Right?

I love my kids. I really do.
But somedays (like every morning at 8am) they can drive me absolutely mad. Cuckoo.
And, really, when I say “they”, I mean Pea. (I’m just trying to stay fair and not single one out, but I can’t).
My daughter is a sight to behold in the mornings. Seriously, I contemplate giving HER some coffee to start her morning, because its just that bad.
Don’t get me wrong – she is a lovely, happy little girl. I knwo this, because she can turn that temper OFF just as quickly as she turns it on, and then she is the sweetest thing outside of a candy store. Like a big, squishy, huggy lump of chocolate.
Sorry. (Focus……)
So dealing with tantrums means striking a balance of trying not to lose my temper and instead see the humor in the situation – without laughing. Because that would make her go through the ceiling, and then she gets completely unmanageable!
You tell me how difficult this would be….
  • when your daughter is biting her underpants (in hand, not while wearing them, although that would be even funnier) and then throwing them against the wall, while yelling “these are STUPID! Throw them AWAY”
  • when she’s lying naked in the middle of her hot pink furry area rug, rolling around yelling “I am NOT getting dwessed and I am NOT going to school”
  • when she is sitting on the bottom step, arms crossed, bottom lip stuck out far enough to land a small bird on, one shoe on, one shoe against the opposite wall where she has thrown it after yelling “I’m NOT going to school”
The only reason I can keep from laughing is because I’m seriously pissed at the same time.
Since I know that the minute we pull into the car park by school, she’ll be bouncing out of the car, yelling hello to her friends and screeching their names, and running into school, happpy to be there. I’m told that they see her as a happy, confident little girl – one who clearly knows her mind.
So I won’t take it personally.
But, believe me, while I know that it is a blessing to have these two wonderful kids and get to experience everything through their eyes, there are days that it feels less like a blessing and more like penance, for every moment of grief we ever gave our parents.
And for that, Mom and Dad, I am truly, really sorry.


This post in particular appeals to me because, really, it sums up WHY I blog – to capture moments of motherhood where, maybe not especially desirable, let me realize the beauty of my kids, their joy, their delight, their not-so-pretty moments….and to put it all in perspective.

‘Cause, honestly, most days? I needs me some perspective.

I can’t forget to give a shout-out to the sponsors of the “Back to Blogging” challenge, so go say “hi” to Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.   


  1. This was a really great post and the title was perfect. You are a really witty writer!

  2. Haha… oh my goodness! She sounds like the most adorable little character! 😉

  3. Its all a matter of perspective & finding their trigger, right?! :> My wee girl is not a morning kidlet, but put some music on with a beat to it and she suddenly appears in the kitchen, fully dressed. Its like magic, I swear. But, to each kidlet their own because that is not what movtivates my boy. And I can relate….'cause I set four alarms for the a.m………shhhhhhh…its our little secret! lol Hope you are having a great week! :>

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