Meet the family

My delightful son Sam was born in March 2004, less than a month after I quit my job of 7 years in preparation of staying at home with my soon-to-be-born daughter or son. This little guy rocked my world more than I ever could have imagined. I went from client relations for a fund manager to trucks, Thomas the Tank Engine, and countless readings of “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Once assured that Sam would not be wearing a Don King-like do forever (easing concerns that we wouldn’t be condemning him – or a sibling – to permanent franken-doo) and hearing the tick-tock of the biological clock, we took another gamble on the wheel-o-fertility and tried for #2.

In March 2006, Madeleine (or Maddie-girl, as Sam calls her), joined the wild rumpus. My giggly girl, Sam’s own personal Mini-Me with a pert little nose and an even better ‘do, completed our little family. (Mostly because I’m just too damn tired to even contemplate being preggo at 40.)

Both babes were brought into the world with the assistance of my wonderful hubby of 5 years, Pete. Pete is funny, loving, outgoing, stubborn, focused – and has passed all these traits, as far as we can tell, onto Sam, and as we are quickly learning, Maddie. And I love them all!

We’ve been posting pictures on since Sam was born, but it doesn’t provide much of a creative outlet for me nor a true glimpse of our daily lives – which is what I want to record for us. If you enjoy it too, then all the better!

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