First Day of School

The summer holiday passed so quickly, helped along by three weeks travel back to the US, but nonetheless, Boo and Pea were ready to head back to school and see their friends. I think we were all also in need of getting back on a regular schedule. (My lovelies need structure, which is seriously lacking in the summer….)

Boo is starting Year 2 (the US equivalent of first grade) and Pea is in Reception – which age-wise would be Pre-K in the US, although I’d consider what they do to be Kindergarden-level work.)

Boo is very excited as he is “in the top of Key Stage 1 – we’re the biggies”; I think he is particularly excited, however, as Year 2 students get to carry their OWN meals to the table and they buy their own snacks from the Tuck shop at snack time – a good exercise in responsibility and money management.

Pea just looks – well – tiny.

My babies are growing up! (sniff, sniff)

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