The Bumpa Flyer rules!

Once upon a time, there was a little Boo – too small to ride in a regular sled – and no baby sleds available at any of the stores.
My dad (the original MacGuyver) found an old booster seat and an older sled, and with a little ingenuity, the “Bumpa Flyer” was born. (Bumpa was the name given to him by my nephew when he was little.)
Several years (and a couple of store-bought sleds) later, the Bumpa Flyer is still a favorite of the kids! This year, Sam is too big to allow Maddie to ride between his legs, but they managed to take turns nicely.
Now, if we could only find a bigger hill to sled on!

Thanks, Papa! Your creations are always the most loved!


  1. Now that looks like fun!

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