Beach Day in February

(Warning: gratuitous photo blog post for grandmothers ahead)

Its beach day!
Well, not for real – just for Pea at preschool. I found it kind of hard to get in the spirit, given that it is about 24 degrees outside today, but she is certainly excited! Just check out that grin!

(and note the remaining snow in the background…BRRRRRR)

She thought the fishie barrettes were “perfect”.

However, when we came home, she wouldn’t take off the dress, but agreed to add some leggings. And the bunny slippers, because her FEET were cold. (Huh.) Always the fashion diva!

Needless to say, THIS was the outfit that Miss Thang wore all day long – including when we picked up Boo at school later that afternoon. She did agree to switch into her kitty rain boots when we went to Boo’s guitar lesson, but those arms (now paint-covered from school) were still bare.
Yup, I’m one of those moms.

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