Vintage Tractor and Steam Engine Rally

Last month, after flying from Chicago to London, and riding in the car for three hours, we thought, for some reason, that it would be a fantastic idea to go look at tractors and steam engines. I think I operated my camera in such a stupor that I forgot we even went, hence the delay.

It was a glorious day in Hay, and the views over the hills were beautiful.
Boo, being mad for anything remotely related to a tractor, dragged everyone down to a field to watch a demonstration of a vintage steam engine pulling a plow-type-thingy. It took a lot of effort to plow one row. I was exhausted watching.
There were plenty of traction engines to look at. (If you’re a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, or know one,   its a whole lot of Trevors. The fact that I know this means I spend way too much time watching Thomas videos with Boo.)
Plenty of tractors, too, including a few kinds I’d never heard of…and again, hello, Boo, farm fanatic, I thought I’d heard of every brand of tractor there was.
The Hubs was particularly pleased with this Fordson – it has Virgina colors (Wahoo-wa!)
I was impressed with their endurance, as I could have curled up in the back seat of a vintage car and had a nice nap. Hopefully next year it won’t coincide with any Transatlantic flights, and the kids can take advantage of the bouncy castles and other fun stuff that we made them skip because they were running on adrenaline by the time we left.
It seems like there is always something interesting taking place around Hay!

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