Scruffy Face; or, too much Monty Python will warp your brain.

Over the weekend, the Hubs did not shave. The kids haven’t seen such a scruffy face in a long time, and commented on it over dinner on Monday night.

He said “Do you think I should grow out my beard over Christmas break? I’ll look really scruffy, then!”

To which I replied “or a lumberjack!” (since they are too young to get the “Grizzly Adams” or “Paul Bunyan analogies.)

Unfortunately, with my brain so easily distracted (I prefer “works in a non-linear manner, thankyouverymuch), “lumberjack” promptly brought to mind Monty Python’s “Lumberjack Song”. (Years of watching late-night episodes of “Monty Python”, “Benny Hill” and the whisky swilling “Dave Allen at Large” with my Dad has left its mark on me.)

The Hubs was totally unfamiliar with this. I find the need to enlighten him.

Quick note: its just the word “lumberjack” and the scruffy Grizzly Adams beard that brought this to mind, NOT my husband, thank you.


  1. The Lumberjack Song is the best! "I chop down trees and wear high heels" makes me giggle everytime.

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