Puppy Love

I’m beside myself. 
I’m finally, finally, getting a puppy.
Its all my friend Nadine’s fault. But, the Hubs did agree.
(He also agreed that it is mine, and he’s not helping. We’ll see how long he lasts before he succumbs to her deliciousness.)
I get to take her home next week. 
I’m nervous.
I’m giddy.
Here she is at 4 weeks.
And here she is at 7 weeks.

Look how spotty she’s gone!

I’m 99.9% sure we are naming her Macy. Her name is currently Mini (as in Mini-me), but since my Gram’s name was Minnie, it feels a bit odd.  Of course, since I’m totally over-thinking the whole name business – not unlike I was with my own kids – I may change my mind before we take her home….

So I guess you can now add puppy chaos to the laundry list of things I’ll have to talk about in the upcoming months!


  1. I skipped the puppy chaos and went with sedate old dog. However, he's so sedate we sometimes have to check to make sure he's still breathing.That is a cutie of a puppy! Congrats to the whole family!

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