Five Minute Friday – Intentional

I push aside my worn afghan, nubby from wear, gathering up crumpled and discarded tissues, and rise slowly. My head is pounding from a sinus infection and so every motion is intentional to avoid aggravating my already pounding head. I walk slowly, movements precise, aware of all the sounds around me – the dog gently [Read On]

The Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day SHOULD be when my kids walk in the door from school and I get a loving hug and we chat about how their day went over milk and cookies. That’s not quite how it works out. Sometimes, that part is a little stress-filled. Apparently, the milk and cookie scenario [Read On]

Fresh(er) Face Forward

I look…tired. And not just because I have chronic resting b*tch face – but that IS becoming a part of it. (More on that in a bit.) My eyes have heavier circles than usual, and my skin looks dry and awful thanks to winter weather and my thyroid. Ok, and crappy skincare habits. Plus all [Read On]

Meet Luciana: the American Girl “Girl of the Year 2018”

Just when my daughter announces that she is too old for her American Girl dolls, American Girl comes out with a theme for their 2018 Girl of the Year (GOTY) that has my science geek and space fan agog and eyeing this year’s line with keen interest. I’ve always been a fan of how American [Read On]

Merry Christmas 2018!

Today I’m setting aside the books and the writing and the whatnot – at least for a bit – to relax and share in the wonder that is Christmas with my family and contemplate all that has been this past year and all that I am grateful for – including you, dear reader. I hope [Read On]

How To Keep Your Energy Up When Crazy Schedules Beat You Down

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #AGummyYouCanTrust #NatureMadeAdultGummies #USP #CollectiveBias Y’all, I only have two kids – but some days, with all the running I do for their crazy schedules, it feels like I have more. Or I need to clone myself. And let’s [Read On]

Blame It On The Rabbits

The smell hit me first. And then I saw the carpet. My poorly chosen (not by me) off-white, wall-to-wall carpeting, freshly crossed with vacuum tracks left by the cleaners just two hours earlier. The dog – ears flat against her head, tail tucked under – was lying morosely in the middle of her crate, which [Read On]

Ants in the Keurig Means No Coffee in the Momma

If I seem a little stabby today, it’s because my caffeine levels are low. You see, there are ants in my Keurig.   Now, apparently if you live somewhere sugar ants can be a problem, this is NOT an altogether unusual thing, at least not according to Google. (That said, I will highly recommend that [Read On]

Physical Therapy, Mom-Style

My son has spent the past 4 weeks with his left arm encased from mid-hand to armpit, which has drastically limited his activities.  A broken elbow is a bummer if you are a soccer goalkeeper (but not such a bad thing if you hate folding laundry).  When the cast was finally removed on Friday, he [Read On]

My Top Six Favorite Summer Moments (so far!)

I’m starting to see back to school posts and honestly, they make me twitchy because, of course, we didn’t tackle half the things on the summer bucket list. Again.  In fairness, it’s definitely been a summer of highs and lows – those lows including one child giving herself a concussion,  and another child breaking an [Read On]