Escape Room Fun At Escape Hunt Dallas

    Locked in a room with a group of clever women, tasked with solving a puzzle, hearts racing, armed with nothing but our wits (and a sense of humor) and some guidance from behind a screen…   While it sounds like an updated episode of Charlie’s Angels, this actually went down at a  hosted event I recently [Read On]

    Blog Tour: Before the Rain Falls

    Before the Rain Falls opens as one of the main characters, Della Lee is convicted of murder – in 1943. The second chapter brings us to present day – on her first day home from prison. Curious? You should be, and I’m joining up with Lone Star Book Blog to bring you a change to win one [Read On]

    “Selfie-Esteem” Event is Taking On Teen Acne

      As the mom of a teen, I’m reminded again and again just how tough these years can be – particularly on their self-esteem.  Something as common as acne can make our kids self-conscious and the target of teasing – or worse. While I was fortunate to escape with a few breakouts, the Hubs struggled with acne and [Read On]

    All You Never Wanted To Know About a Barium Swallow

    I have spent the better part of the past few years coughing like a retired coal miner with a five-pack-a-day habit. Except the closest I’ve ever been to a coal mine is rail cars clattering past on the tracks, and I despise the smell of cigarette smoke (which made for a rough go while I tended [Read On]

    Book Bonus: Interview with Remember No More Author Jan Newton

    As a pitifully struggling writer myself, I’m fascinated by the writing process of actual published authors, and when possible, avail them to allow me to pick their brain for insight.  It’s a wholly selfish act, I confess, and I am thrilled that Jan Newton, author of Remember No More – a superb crime thriller set in [Read On]

    Weekend Reads: Remember No More by Jan Newton

      Review I confess, I was initially drawn to Remember No More in part because of the synopsis, and in part due to the fact that I spent nearly four years in this part of Wales.  Jan Newton does not disappoint with her writing nor with the stunningly depicted setting. This the perfect book to get lost in [Read On]

    Changes, They Are A’Comin’ (To This Blog)

    It’s time to shake things up here and I have big plans for the blog. After 9 years of blogging as Momma on the Rocks, I’m going to be getting a new name and a new look, and refining my focus just a skosh. This will remain a lifestyle blog, but with a stronger focus [Read On]

    Sneak Preview: Crayola Experience Coming to DFW

    Recently, I was invited to a media event with Crayola. Since I immediately revert to an 8-year-old when I pick up a Crayola crayon, I was intrigued, but had no idea what was in store for me. It was pretty exciting. A post shared by Jenn Belden (@mommy_grrl) on May 2, 2017 at 10:54am PDT [Read On]

    Book Review: A Dog’s Way Home

    Review If you’ve read author W. Bruce Cameron’s previous dog-centric books (A Dog’s Journey, A Dog’s Purpose), you know that he is a master at both tugging on our heartstrings and telling a wonderful story from the perspective of a dog. In his newest novel, A Dog’s Way Home once again finds that sweet spot [Read On]

    Just Go Down the Chute: An Indecisive Introvert’s Mantra

    What should I be when I grow up? Do I stay an extra day while I’m on my trip? Should I rebrand the blog? I need a new Twitter handle – what should I change it to? Be it a big question (life goals) or a small one (do I get the fish or the [Read On]