Dear Men, This Is Why We’re Tired — (A Reblog from) Drifting Through

    As a whole, I try to stay to the lighter side of things because when I write about the things that anger me – truly anger me – I tend to be less succinct. The reality is there are writers who can capture my thoughts and concerns and fears so well it’s as if they [Read On]

    Blog Tour & Review: Mustaches for Maddie

    Review of Mustaches for Maddie When a copy of the middle-grade book Mustaches for Maddie arrived in my mailbox, I had to wrestle it from my own sixth grader (also named Maddie) who was intrigued first by the title and then by the cover description. Inspired by their daughter’s own story (more on this below), authors [Read On]

    Review: Alice Hoffmann’s The Rules Of Magic

    I fear this may be a review that should have involved a thesaurus, so I will apologize in advance for the repetitive use of the word “magic” — but that is what this book is. It is MAGICAL. Seems to be a bit redundant, given the title, but I can honestly say this may be [Read On]

    Ants in the Keurig Means No Coffee in the Momma

    If I seem a little stabby today, it’s because my caffeine levels are low. You see, there are ants in my Keurig.   Now, apparently if you live somewhere sugar ants can be a problem, this is NOT an altogether unusual thing, at least not according to Google. (That said, I will highly recommend that [Read On]

    Review (And Giveaway!) – Finding My Badass Self: A Year of Truths and Dares

    In less than a week, the kids head back to school and I will place order back into my life. But I confess: within that order (such as it was) last spring, I was feeling a bit of emptiness and a lot of feeling stuck.  However, after reading Finding My Badass Self – A year [Read On]

    Book Tour: The Curse Of Sacerdozio

    THE CURSE OF SACERDOZIO a tale of judicial conspiracy The Supremes, Book 1 by GLEN AARON   Genre: Thriller / Suspense / Mystery Publisher: BookBaby Date of Publication: June 1, 2017 Number of Pages: 275 Scroll down for giveaway! In​ ​Supreme​ ​Court​ ​books,​ ​there​ ​is​ ​seldom​ ​the​ ​intrigue​ ​of​ ​murder​ ​and​ ​of​ ​crime​ ​and​ ​punishment [Read On]

    Middle School Book Picks from my Middle Schooler

    Two weeks before school let out, my 11-year-old suffered a concussion which left her unable to do much of anything – like watching TV, running outside, or the worst possible punishment when you could inflict upon her – reading. This proves especially painful (pun intended) when your order of Scholastic books arrives the day after you [Read On]

    Wheels of Justice Book Blog Tour

    WHEELS OF JUSTICE The Redwood Series, Volume 2 by Vickie Phelps   Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense Date of Publication: July 18, 2017 Number of Pages: 324 Scroll down for Giveaway! When Connie Knight applies for a job at McKinney’s Fine Cars in her hometown of Redwood, Texas, she has no idea what she’s getting into. [Read On]

    Physical Therapy, Mom-Style

    My son has spent the past 4 weeks with his left arm encased from mid-hand to armpit, which has drastically limited his activities.  A broken elbow is a bummer if you are a soccer goalkeeper (but not such a bad thing if you hate folding laundry).  When the cast was finally removed on Friday, he [Read On]

    My Top Six Favorite Summer Moments (so far!)

    I’m starting to see back to school posts and honestly, they make me twitchy because, of course, we didn’t tackle half the things on the summer bucket list. Again.  In fairness, it’s definitely been a summer of highs and lows – those lows including one child giving herself a concussion,  and another child breaking an [Read On]