My Top Six Favorite Summer Moments (so far!)

I’m starting to see back to school posts and honestly, they make me twitchy because, of course, we didn’t tackle half the things on the summer bucket list. Again.  In fairness, it’s definitely been a summer of highs and lows – those lows including one child giving herself a concussion,  and another child breaking an elbow three days before he was headed to goalkeeper camp in Virginia – oh, and a trip to the beach.

So it’s easy to see where the summer would be mildly… laid back. (Or maybe laid up is a better turn of phrase.) Which isn’t all bad – we’re BUSY, and it’s nice to just rest. And we have had a lot of fun, despite the boo-boos and my desperate late-night searches for just how much bubble wrap I can buy via

(Answer? I can buy 700 feet for a mere $22….)

It has been a fairly relaxing summer, urgent care visits aside.

So if I had to list my top six favorite moments of summer, they would look like this:

  1. Having family in to visit. Living in Texas we are MILES away from the nearest family member, so any time we have house guests, I’m a happy camper. My cousin and his wife brought their three kids to visit – they were fun and exhausting, and it reminded me that as difficult as raising tweens and teens can be, EVERY age offers its own distinct challenges.  Watching them play together reminded me of when WE were kids, and all the fun we used to have.summer
  2. That day my kids hung out together in the pool and DID NOT FIGHT. Seriously, mine can bicker like old women at times, and about the most ridiculous things (all the while I’m stage whispering SHUTUPTHENEIGHBORSCANHEARYOU.)  Because that’s what we do.  I mean, I’m mostly grateful for the excessive heat here in Dallas because it means the windows are NEVER open so the neighbors can’t hear me yelling at them to stop fighting. But outside, in the pool, it’s a different matter.  But I’ve had a few instances this summer when friends are traveling and all they had were each other, and they got along GREAT.

    Miracles do exist.

  3. Coffee on the deck, looking at the beach. Because everything is better at the beach. Even with all the spiders on the deck cramping my style, the beach is my happy place. I would retire there if it weren’t for all the tourists like us jamming up all my favorite spots and making the weekend traffic hell.summer
  4. Driving in the car on our way to the beach, singing out LOUD with my 11yo, and alternately talking. About everything. And nothing. And silliness. In fact, I *could* just say the entire road trip with her.  These days it is TOUGH to get one-on-one time with just one kid, so if you can work a road trip in with just ONE of your kids, do it.  Both my kids are pretty cool, but one the drive there was none of the poking and so the temper flares were better managed.summer

    And it hit me – she’s not my baby any more. She’s a fascinating creature, and I’d love to have this kind of experience with my son if I could just get him to put down the phone.

  5. Seeing my family having fun together in the water. It’s been a long time coming that they could both go in the water and I didn’t have to be there every minute. Especially since this year the water was about 60 degrees, tops, and my husband crawled out gasping that his feet had gone numb.Because me?

    I’m sitting in a beach chair with a good book, and maybe a cold drink in hand, warming up from my icy dip.


  6. Dinner at the Blue Point in Duck. Like everything else we do at the beach, date night there is a bit of an institution – right down to the bowl of She-crab soup I KNOW we will split. I mean, any date night is a good night but date night in Duck at the Blue Point is special.summer

    We have pondered on occasion about what we would do if our parents decided not to join us at some point, forgetting that very soon, our kids won’t NEED sitters. The fact that they get an evening with their grandparents, alone, is an added bonus.

Seeing all the back-to-school posts hitting on Facebook this week sent me into a bit of a tailspin. Already? But I’m not ready yet!  My son gets his cast off on Friday (fingers crossed) and my daughter returns from sleep away camp on Saturday – and then we have a mere TWO more weeks before school starts.

TWO weeks to do ALL THE THINGS on my list.

It’s been a great summer but part of me always feels like I let too much time slip away. I have to remind myself that in those days of doing nothing, the nothingness is a gift in the over scheduled lives we lead.

And so I’ll take a deep breath, vow that tomorrow I’ll be more organized, and try to keep myself in the moment and enjoy these last two weeks of under scheduled freedom while we still have it.



This post was inspired by a prompt from Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop:

2. List your top 6 favorite summer moments so far.



  1. Well, that just sounds like a fabulous summer! My favorite vacation spot is anywhere near the beach, too. I really don’t know why we live in the desert. When my oldest and youngest used to play in the pool, my youngest was always yell-tattling on the oldest, and we’d always just shout at my oldest to stop picking on his sister, without really looking to see what was going on (Still waiting for that Mother of the Year award). Except once, my husband actually looked to see what my oldest had done, and it turns out he was way on the other side of the pool from his sister and wasn’t doing anything at all to her. She just liked getting him in trouble. We paid a little more attention after that.
    Lori recently posted..Six memorable summer moments I didn’t blog about

  2. I am so not ready for summer to end either! I have enjoyed the “whatever” days. Plus, we bond a bit more with my husband since he is a teacher and has summers off! I was born in Texas! Oh, I miss the BBQ! I sure hope you get to enjoy this precious time with your bigger kids. My two boys are 7 and 9 and I miss 6 and 8! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    • My husband is big on planning, but I think a few whatever days are ok.
      And when you have one kiddo who spends the first half of the summer unable to run/read/watch tv – and one who spends the latter half with his arm in a cast – I’m not going to begrudge them the whatever days. They bust their butts all school year.

  3. When the stars align and my kids get along, it’s maybe the best feeling ever. Right next to a good book on a beach. Love your list!
    Kat recently posted..Rosé Lemonade!

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