940 Saturdays

So, my son’s teacher posted this on his classroom blog a few weeks ago.  Ponder this for a moment….


No, pressure, right?

For the perfectionists and/or doubters out there, okay,  I haven’t actually sat down to do the math, but whether or not the count is accurate (ignoring leap years and such), the point hits home. And hard.

* * * * *

For us, Saturdays are busy days. The “get-a-haircut/run-to-the-dry-cleaner” days. Soccer games. Paying bills.

The Hubs does a good job of making an outing out of running errands – it’s a chore to run errands with mom, of course (mine usually mean a trip to the grocery store, and what fun is that?), but with dad, it’s a treat.  I’m grateful.  Oh, alright – a tad jealous, perhaps, but I remember what a treat it was to run errands with my dad when I was a kid. It was a big deal.

And isn’t that what it is all about?

Spending time together,  building memories – it doesn’t really matter what you do – just that you DO it together.


How did you spend your Saturday?


  1. Thom Higgins says:

    Maddie read me the “Pick Your Hearthrob” quiz. I only got 3 right, but I mostly picked Harry Styles just to be sure I got something right.

  2. Thom Higgins says:

    As a numbers guy, I do this kind of stuff all the time. The future seems so mystical & nebulous until you type a date into Excel to click & drag it out. Put in cells, the future comes pretty quick.

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