What I’m Reading Wednesday: Dead Wake

I’ve been reading quite a bit of narrative non-fiction of late, and my book choice for “What I’m Reading Wednesday” does not disappoint. In the way that Erik Larson’s other books have entertained as much as educated, I have found his newest release  Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania to be a page-turner and an eye-opener. [Read On]


Glass Half Empty

I sometimes wonder if it is the curse of the first-born child to be cautious and a worrier, because as first time parents we tend to hover and be over-protective (where the second child is the adventurous free-spirit, because either we’ve gained confidence or we’re too worn out to care.) When my kiddo shows signs [Read On]


A Letter to my Son on his Eleventh Birthday

Dear Boo, Yes, I know you think you are getting too old to be called “Boo”, but in my mind and in my heart you are my little man even though you can almost look at me eye to eye. When did YOU get so big? I know this past year has been a tough one [Read On]


What I’m Reading Wednesday – Stories With A Touch of Magic

For having been on a vacation last week that entailed very little sitting, I’ve been tearing through a fantastic list of books on my Kindle. This week, I want to share two books that are perfect escapes. Since I first read Sarah Addison Allen’s The Sugar Queen I’ve been a fan, and I have been eagerly awaiting her [Read On]


Visiting San Antonio: The Alamo and More!

We spent our Spring Break exploring San Antonio. In my last post, I talked about the many attractions in the area around the Alamo. Our second day in San Antonio was all about the Alamo and other historical sites! My kids are really interested in history and I think presenting it interactively is always more fun [Read On]


Visiting San Antonio: The Rainy Day Tourist Edition

When we woke up on our first  morning of our spring break visit to San Antonio, it was to a steady rain – not the best for sightseeing, to be honest. Looking over the checklist of things everyone wanted to see and do, we quickly decided that it would be a good day for silliness and exploration, [Read On]

Cinderella Day

A Cinderella Kind of Day Day

My daughter has been begging to get her ears pierced for ages. Her father had agreed she could…when she was sixteen. I finally pulled out the mom card, and said she could when she turned nine. That was this past Monday. So yesterday, I had a very excited little big girl. Yesterday I got to play [Read On]


A Letter to My Daughter on her 9th Birthday

[We were on vacation earlier this week when I wrote this…and it didn’t post.] My dear Sweet Pea, I cannot believe that you are turning nine years old today! Each and every day, you amaze me with your curiosity, your joy, your boundless energy…and your tenacity. (Some would call it stubbornness.) Last month you went [Read On]

CP San Antonio Alamo2

Planning our Next Vacation Adventure

Happy snow day to all my Dallas* friends and sending warm wishes to the rest of the country as this cold blast heads east! (*Now that’s something I never thought I’d say, but I think our reputation from bringing awful weather everywhere persists.) My “What I’m Reading Wednesday” post did NOT make it up yesterday, [Read On]


Disney on the Brain: Cinderella Perfect Fit Sweepstakes

I’ve got Disney on the brain. My parents are vacationing in Florida and every time I talk to my mom, they are either on their way to see a show or to just pop into Downtown Disney to shop, causing me to peruse the calendar to see if there is any way we can squeeze in [Read On]