Ten Things Of Thankful #3: For Kiddos, Mostly

It’s late, late Sunday night…no, it’s gone Monday morning – terrible way to start the week, up too late finishing up yesterday’s business. The week flew by all too fast, and my mind had all the focus of a toddler hopped up on gummy bears and no naps. It was a good week and a [Read On]

world's okayest mom

Why I’m OK with the Title of World’s Okayest Mom

I bought a fun shirt last week. My husband hates it. Here, let me show it to you: Yes, I’m proclaiming that I’m the “World’s Okayest Mom.” Fun, right? It’s comfortable, it’s funny, and it makes me smile. When my son saw it, he grinned and gave me two thumbs up. (He gets me.) My [Read On]


Ten Things of Thankful #2 – In Light Of Frustrations and Meltdowns

The week has flown by as waves of stress and anxiety swept over the house. I had to check to see if there was a full moon this week – I’m not a believer in all that woo woo, but given the emotional rollercoaster the kids were riding, it wouldn’t have surprised me. Instead, I’ve been dosing [Read On]


The Real Challenge is that I Love Food.

Given that my daughter will be turning ten in March, I’ve accepted that I must quit referring to my muffin top as baby weight. It’s a food baby, plain and simple. Since wishing it away hasn’t had any effect on my waistline, and attempts at regular exercise have been so-so, and I don’t have the energy to go find [Read On]


The Feathered Bone – What I’m Reading Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, and it’s BAAAAACCCKKK! Yes – it’s What I’m Reading Wednesday, and BOY do I have a doozy for you to kick off the year. (Never mind that January is almost over. There’s been too much reading and not enough writing, y’all). This week I want to tell you about Julie Cantrell’s latest book (just released [Read On]

Ten Things of Thankful: Numero Uno

My one word for this year is cultivate, and one of the things I’m hoping to cultivate is a deeper sense of gratitude, to be thankful in the little as such as the big. I’m hoping I have better luck with gratitude than I do with green plants. What I do with green plants is the opposite [Read On]


Nourish your WHOLE self

#This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NourishWhatMatters #CollectiveBias Yes, I am THAT person. The one that says “I was so busy I forgot to eat today”. You wouldn’t think it was possible, but it happens all too often. It’s not hat I’m NOT hungry. [Read On]


My One Word (The 2016 Edition)

In 2015, my One Word was “Thrive”*.  It seemed fitting in light of all the adjustments and changes we would be facing as a family in the year ahead, having moved to another state (and nearly two years to the day that we moved the kids back to the US from the UK, at that.) Unfortunately, [Read On]


Cheese-stuffed Spiced Bacon Tots, Oh My!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NaturallyCheesy #CollectiveBias Confession time:  I really love cheese. LOVE. It’s one of my favorite snack foods and it goes with everything.  (Or very nearly.) Sliced with apples, alone on crackers, melted over anything – it’s an easy snack and a [Read On]


The Christmas Countdown

Well, here we are folks – in the last stretch before Christmas. When the dog woke me up at early o’clock on this fine, chilly Saturday morning, thoughts of the as yet unwrapped Christmas gifts dangerously half-hidden in the guest room cluttered my head, and any chance of going back to sleep slipped out the [Read On]