Blog Tour and Giveaway: Gone Without A Trace

Review   This book was a page turner! Hannah returns from a conference with good news, only to discover her boyfriend Matt is gone. And not just moved out, but GONE. As in, no trace of him anywhere – not in the house, in her photos on her phone, on social media – he’s even left his [Read On]

Delicious Chicken Stock in your Instant Pot

  So you’ve cooked a whole chicken in your Instant Pot or roasted a Tuscan-style chicken in the oven, and you saved the carcass like you were told to do…now all that’s left is to turn that leftover mess into some amazing chicken stock.  Once you see how easy it is, you may just never [Read On]

How To Cook a Whole Chicken in the Instant Pot

There is nothing in this world like a freshly roasted whole chicken. Unless, of course, you are pressed for time (and presentation isn’t as important), and for that you reach for your Instant Pot – because tender, juicy, fall off the bone chicken is less than an hour away. Given how lacking in time management [Read On]

Book Blog Tour: The Grave Tender

This week I’m once again joining up with #LoneStarLit for a book blog tour for The Grave Tender. We’ve got an amazing giveaway, so be sure to enter for a chance to win the book and more!!! THE GRAVE TENDER by By Eliza Maxwell   Genre: Women’s Fiction / Psychological Suspense Publisher: Lake Union Publishing [Read On]

Picture Book Review: Almost a Minyan

ALMOST A MINYAN by LORI S. KLINE ARTWORK BY SUSAN SIMON   Genre: Picture Book / Jewish Traditions Publisher: Sociosights Press  Facebook Twitter Date of Publication: April 5, 2017 Number of Pages: 40 Scroll down for Giveaway!   Will she be the one to take Grandfather’s place? According to Jewish tradition, a quorum of ten adults is [Read On]

A Letter To My Son on his 13th Birthday

Normally I write this annual post to my kiddo, but this year, my sweet husband wrote him a letter, and it’s so lovely that I’m posting it here instead. And not because my kiddo could misplace the actual letter at some point in time, because of course he won’t.  Dear Sam, Happy 13th birthday! Time has gone far too [Read On]

Putting a Fresh Face Forward: I Tried Microdermabrasion

  Fresh back from my trip to Cancun, I was relaxed and tanned. But despite careful and heavy use of sunscreen in the strong Mexican rays, my skin was not looking quite so refreshed as the rest of me. In fact, the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead were more pronounced than ever. [Read On]

A *Belated* Letter to my Daughter on her 11th Birthday

Her birthday now and forever (while we are in this school district) falls during spring break – and this year, the resort wifi was unsecured and a bit problematic, so this post is late but well-intentioned. Dear Maddie, Happy 11th birthday, sweet girl. Every time I look at you, I marvel at the young woman [Read On]

Book Review: The Orphan’s Tale

I’m always intrigued by fact-based historical fiction and The Orphan’s Tale was inspired by two stories from WWII: that of a German circus who hid Jews among their performers, and one of the Nazis filling rail cars with Jewish babies from their families. One tale heroic, one horrific, both inspired an amazing book. If you haven’t read Pam Jenoff [Read On]

When A Habitual Overplanner Is Winging It

Back when I was single, traveling was easy. I’d book a trip with my friends and lob clothes in a suitcase the night before departure. At best, I’d pick up a new swimsuit and fresh sunscreen, but that would be it – if there was anything I desperately needed and forgot, I’d buy it at [Read On]