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Planning our Next Vacation Adventure

Happy snow day to all my Dallas* friends and sending warm wishes to the rest of the country as this cold blast heads east! (*Now that’s something I never thought I’d say, but I think our reputation from bringing awful weather everywhere persists.) My “What I’m Reading Wednesday” post did NOT make it up yesterday, [Read On]


Disney on the Brain: Cinderella Perfect Fit Sweepstakes

I’ve got Disney on the brain. My parents are vacationing in Florida and every time I talk to my mom, they are either on their way to see a show or to just pop into Downtown Disney to shop, causing me to peruse the calendar to see if there is any way we can squeeze in [Read On]


Twelve Inches

My mind often wanders during the sermon at church. Today, I found myself thinking about another sermon I’d heard, one that prompted a post that was lost in draft form. “The longest journey a man must take is the twelve inches between his head and his heart”. This was the quote that our former pastor made [Read On]


A Sneak Peek at “Frozen Fever”

Disney junkies that we are here in Momma’s house, you better believe that my daughter and I are anxiously awaiting the upcoming release of Disney’s new live-action Cinderella movie! While the guys hole up with their soccer matches on the TV, we’ll be heading to the cinema the week of March 13 to check it [Read On]


What I’m Reading Wednesday: The Nightstand Edition

It’s been cold, and I’ve just wanted to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. Because of this, and some overenthusiastic trips to both the library and the bookstore, I now have a stack of books on my nightstand (and on my coffee table, and on my end table). We won’t talk [Read On]


Snow Day Meal: Thai Pork with Peanut Sauce

I’m lucky. My kidlings are 8 and 10 years old and do a pretty decent job of entertaining themselves, so a snow day or two doesn’t seem to be the challenge that it once was when they were younger. We hang out in our PJs, they make their own snacks, and it’s all quite low [Read On]


Ice Storms

I woke up to this. THIS is not snow. THIS is ice. What was falling from the sky was termed “sleet” here in North Dallas. In Chicago, sleet is wet. This was more like tiny hail. I was surprised. For the past few days, all the talk on the news has been about the impending [Read On]


Teaching Compassion in Sports

The longer my son plays soccer, the more one thing becomes clear: we, parents as a whole, have a lot to learn (and teach) in terms of compassion and team sports. At one recent tournament, over even the voices of the parents on our sidelines came the voice of a father on an adjacent field, [Read On]

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That Time I Didn’t Climb the Statue of Liberty

When I was younger, my family – my parents, younger sister and brother and I – road tripped to New York on vacation. While some points are blurry (making me wonder if I really need to stress out so much about planning memorable trips when I can only remember the weird/scary/highlights myself), two things stand out: stopping to [Read On]


A Lazy Family Movie Day with a Lazy Day Meal

The kids were off school yesterday thanks to a teacher in-service and we all did next to nothing, aside from a few small things to make it LOOK like I had done a lot of work. We all slept in, except for the Hubs who did have to go to work. Bless him, he didn’t [Read On]