What I’m Reading Wednesday: “A” is for the Alchemist

  Happy Wednesday to you! If you have children, you are likely deep in the throes of back-to-school chaos. Mine kids are madly trying to finish up the math workbooks assigned for summer work and looking over their reading logs to make sure they have accounted for every day of reading – the latter being [Read On]


Thoughts on Change: A Guest Post

From the Momma: Oy, change. It’s something we’ve been talking a lot about lately in this momma’s house. The past 18 months have definitely had their highs and lows as we’ve adjusted from life in the UK and back into American life. When you move abroad, you think about all you have to adapt TO [Read On]


Silent Sunday



One More BlogHer ’14 Recap

Last week was spent in a mad rush to pack up for our beach trip and so thoughts on last weekend’s BlogHer Conference in San Jose has been swirling and marinating and percolating and other -ings in my head, particularly over our 17 hour drive to where I now sit in North Carolina. While there have [Read On]


In honor of “The Hundred Foot Journey”: What Bite Takes You Home?

Ever since my lovely librarian/blogger cousin Kathy posted a list of books that would be made into movies in 2014 and I first read the description of The Hundred Foot Journey, I was hooked. Then, when I read the book, I fell in love. (In fact, I was all ready to link up to the review [Read On]

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Fun: An American Girl Isabelle Dances Into the Spotlight Screening Party

For the first 7-1/2 years of her life, my daughter steadfastly ignored all the dolls she was given – or asked for, for that matter,  except for the one that cried when it got sick or hungry, because you couldn’t ignore THAT doll. (Or you can’t until you pull the batteries out. Bad Mommy.) However, ever since [Read On]

What I'm Reading Wednesday

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Never Google Heartbreak

It’s time for What I’m Reading Wednesday! Yay! Are you looking for a light beach read?  If you are a fan of British authors Sophie Kinsella and Helen Fielding, check out Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia. I think we’ve all been there (or had a friend that has been there) – dumped and going through [Read On]

WIRW Summer Middle Schooler Edition

What I’m Reading Wednesday: The Summer Middle-Schooler Edition

Both of my kids are avid readers, and while for my eight-year-old any book involving princesses, fairies, or animals having an adventure, she’s in. My ten-year-old is a tougher nut to crack. Historically he hasn’t been a fan of science fiction/fantasy, so no amount of reasoning could get him to try the Harry Potter series [Read On]


On Putting Myself First . Or Fifty-second.

I suck at putting myself first. Or second. Or fifty-second, for that matter. Is this a mom thing? Or just me. As I lay on the table at my physical therapy appointment on Wednesday, the therapist attacking my leg (technically, my iliotibial band, which I still haven’t actually located anatomically yet) with what looks like [Read On]


On the best laid birthday plans

Ah, the best laid plans…. You see, I am actually NOT a fan of breakfast in bed. Ok, I’m not a fan of breakfast in my OWN bed. Crumbs, spills, a comforter too big to fit into my washing machine. You know who has to clean that shit up? (Never mind the kitchen.) Yes, me. [Read On]