Today is My 8th Blogiversary

When I picked up my phone this morning, a calendar notice popped up. It simply said “Blogiversary (2008)”. That’s right, today is my blogiversary: the blog is officially 8 years old. I think that makes it about 64 in blog years, because in the blogging world, that’s pretty ancient, and reasonably accurate, because in general, it is [Read On]


Disney, Roald Dahl and the BFG (and a Movie Trailer)

I’ve always been an avid reader, and one of my favorite childhood authors was Roald Dahl. The BFG, The Magic Finger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny the Champion of the World – all of them wonderful, comic (sometimes darkly so) stories where the children triumph over the wicked adult villains (usually with the help [Read On]


Citrus Roasted Mahi-Mahi

I confess, I do not cook fish as often as I should, despite the fact that three of the four of us love it, and it typically makes an easy (and fast) meal. Salmon, swordfish, and mahi-mahi are my three go-to choices at the fish counter of our favorite market. Leaving the soccer fields yesterday [Read On]


Tips to Keep Your Young Athlete Hydrated

I received product from BODYARMOR in exchange for sharing my thoughts. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions remain my own. #BlogginMamas  When my son got out of our car yesterday after soccer training, he said “EW” as he looked at the pool of sweat on the leather seat. I looked at the jug of water he [Read On]


Two Middle Grade Books for Summer Reading

My 10-year old is an avid reader, and her reading pile is ALMOST as tall as mine. We both have a problem walking away from a tempting book (and what a good problem to have), particularly as we are both making sure we are set for summer reading. Of all the books we’ve both read lately, two [Read On]


The Mother’s Day Gift That Keeps on Giving…Laughter

Yesterday I was trying to take a break from social media and be present and in the moment and all that stuff but today, I really need to share with you the gifts I was given for Mother’s Day. My Mother’s Day started with the offer of breakfast. Ish. “Would you like me to make [Read On]

relativity AntoniaHayes

What I’m Reading Wednesday: Relativity

Generally, I judge the strength of a book by a combination of how difficult it is to put down and how much effort it takes to slow down and let myself sink into the story and the language. It’s a difficult balance, after all, setting a reading pace when you can’t wait to see what happens next [Read On]


Weekend Read: Girls’ Weekend

/ I picked up the e-galley of Cara Sue Achterberg’s “Girls’ Weekend” because the blurb intrigued me. Had I known I’d still be sitting in my favorite chair at 2am, racing to the finish, I probably would have put on my pajamas before I started. (Sometime before lunch…) Yeppers, it was that good. It was compelling, touching, and [Read On]


Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel

There’s nothing like the thrill of knocking something off your bucket list. On our recent Carnival cruise, I was finally able to check off one: swimming with dolphins. While several of our port stops offered a dolphin interaction excursion, we opted for the Royal Dolphin Swim offered by Dolphin Discovery. This was a 60 minute [Read On]


Ten Things Of Thankful: Rainy Days Edition

It’s raining. Again. I could be all “April showers bring May flowers” but the flowers and trees and grasses really just bring on allergic reactions, so it’s a struggle to appreciate the “ending a drought” aspect of the current situation.  Particularly since the volume of rainfall is making me consider brushing up my Ark building skills, [Read On]