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Lessons from A
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Minimalism doesn’t go with all my stuff.

Last week movers packed up our belongings, nearly 20,000 pounds worth. That’s a lot of furniture, and even more crap, and as the boxes left the house, all I could think was “I should have purged more.” What meager possessions we would be keeping with us – clothes to get us through the last few weeks and [Read On]


My 2014 Christmas Wish List

Every few days my dear Hubs asks “What would you like for Christmas?” He can’t give me what I really want, which is my 30-year-old tummy back, and Santa can’t bring peace to the world if the U.S. legal system can’t bring it, and even the doctors can’t seem to find a way to stop [Read On]

Lessons from A

Lessons from a Crappy Can Opener

Late Wednesday afternoon, a moving van laden with nearly all our belongings pulled away and began its journey to Texas. Now, the furnished townhouse we are renting so the kids can finish their last two weeks of school is indeed furnished, albeit not necessarily in a practical way. The kitchen has a surplus of shallow [Read On]

NaBloPoMo November was a Bust

I think it is safe to say that signing up for NaBloPoMo last month – in the middle of trying to sell our house and plan and out-of-state move – was not the sanest of my decisions. I was hoping that it would give me a reason to sit down and write when I have [Read On]

No Grudges Here

There are many things you can say about me, but one thing you’ll never say is “Boy, can she hold a grudge.” I’ve never been able to hold a grudge, not even when I am really, really mad. Not even when I’m never going to speak to them again, not ever mad. Seriously. I once worked for a [Read On]


It’s a Losing Battle

I’m fighting a losing battle here, people. There has been a whole lot of bickering going on here lately. Incessant. Tedious. They sound like two little old ladies with the endless nitpicking. (No offense intended to the well-mannered little old ladies out there.) But they will bicker about what someone said/didn’t say/looked at funny/the color [Read On]


Crap. I’m officially old. Technology said so.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not up on the latest technology present in television sets. Oh, sure – I was quick to try out the iPod, the iPad, the now gone Flip camera (which I STILL use, mostly because I misjudged the amount of storage needed on my iPhone so I can barely [Read On]


The Things We Hold On To

I’m a bit of a sentimental fool; my husband possibly more so, given the number of items in our house passed down to him, be it the pie tins marked with his  grandmother’s name on the bottom or the wooden hangers in our closets bearing the initials of each member of his grandfather’s family, being the [Read On]


Checking out the Keurig 2.0

I’ve had a nasty cough for a while. For, oh say, four years. Four. Years.  One doctor says it is caused by asthma. Another says it is silent reflux. No medicine is easing it. It’s an enigmatic cough, if you will. In an attempt to get it under control, I tried – goodness, how I [Read On]

How NOT to Win

How Not To Win Mom of the Year.

This is how NOT to win Mom of the Year: Take your kids to their pediatrician for their school physical. In November. When they ask if they have to get any shots, quickly cover up the State of Texas immunization requirement form so they can’t see that they need to get vaccinated for Hepatitis-A (which isn’t [Read On]