What Makes Me Happy

It’s been a long, cold winter, those of us not living in Florida would agree. Too many days cooped up inside. Bundling up to go outside, and dearly wishing we were inside. Frankly, it has gotten a bit depressing, this weather. But today when I woke up, something was just in the air. (Besides pollen. [Read On]

Seasonal Ineffective Disorder

I have a confession to make: I didn’t decorate my house for Easter. Or for Valentine’s Day. Or Thanksgiving. Or Halloween. Let me rephrase that: I didn’t decorate much. As in, I put out a themed candy dish filled with appropriately colored M&M’s, ate them all myself, then didn’t refill out of guilt. I also [Read On]


Funny or Not, Dayton, Here I Come

One of the first hardcover books I remember truly loving (that wasn’t a children’s classic) was an Erma Bombeck lifted from my mother’s bookshelf.  I was about 10 years old when I read the book – yes, I was a very mature child – but there was something about the dry wit in Erma Bombeck’s [Read On]


On Birthdays, Friendships and Tutus

My son won’t appreciate any mention of him in a  post about tutus. But this isn’t as much about tutus as it is about acceptance and friendship, so bear with me. Yesterday we hosted belated birthday parties for both of my kids.  I knew that the big guy wouldn’t be thrilled to have his little [Read On]


A Letter to My Son on his 10th Birthday

Under the category of “bad mom”, I can add another tick mark. I had written Boo’s birthday post in advance and scheduled it as we’d be traveling on his birthday and I didn’t want to forget to post it. Unfortunately, something went wonky and it didn’t publish as planned.  My apologies, big guy. The fault [Read On]

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Sponsored: The New Oral-B Disney Timer App Brings Fun to Keeping Teeth Clean

This paid post is brought to you by the new free Oral-B Disney Timer App as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post. My poor children. They have inherited my overly large teeth, and I worry that they may inherit my tendency towards cavities, too.  This means I am extra careful to make sure [Read On]


Something Is Coming…It is Maleficent

Well, you know I drank the Mouse juice years ago, and I love all things Disney. (Heck, at this moment there is a good possibility that I’m sitting onboard the Disney Fantasy and getting ready to ride the Aquaduck.) Anywho… I always enjoy a movie that offers up a different perspective on an old favorite, [Read On]


I’m Sailing….Sailing Away

Today is the day. The day that has got me through this dreadful winter. Through 70+ inches of snow and who knows how days of many sub-zero weather. (Ok, Tom Skilling from WGN probably knows, but whatever.) Through the down coat, the pale, dry winter skin and hair electrified by static. I’m in Florida. Port [Read On]


I’m Irish. But Don’t Kiss Me.

In Chicago, everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. The Chicago River is dyed green, the revelers line the streets (and pubs), “The Unicorn Song” is over-played enough on jukeboxes in Irish pubs that I’m certain the bar managers are left wishing they’d unplugged the darn thing on the 16th. Enough green beer [Read On]


Getting Fit

Despite all my best intentions over the past year, my midsection has definitely spread, and somewhere along the way I misplaced my waist. My belts are very confused about where they are supposed to be; I doubt around my neck is the best place, although that is about the only place they fit these days. [Read On]